National Wiffleball League Association - This is the nerve center for all things wiffleball. The guy who operates this site publishes articles from writers across the country and ranks the top 50 teams across the nation every week. This site also has a very active message board where players swap ideas and learn from one another.

Wiffler's Digest - This is an online wiffleball news blog that occasionally releases a free online .pdf magazine featuring several articles and interviews with players or league commissioners. They've gained a steady following of readers from not just the United States but in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and Australia.

Huntington Wiffle League - HWL was established in Huntington, WV in 2012 and has since grown to a strong 6-team league with over 30 players. The league shows great potential for continued growth into the future.

Kalamazoo Wiffle League - KWL is quite possibly the most popular recreational wiffleball league in the country. This 16-team league has made national headlines a couple of times and definitely deserve any attention they get.

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan - WSEM features teams that have their own home fields which means that all 8 teams travel around the Southeastern Michigan area when they play games on the weekends. They have a great website with tons of articles. They're fun guys to hang out with too.

HRL: Twin Cities - One of the largest leagues in the country at 20 teams. They are spread out through the Minneapolis/St.Paul area in Minnesota and have a great annual tournament to raise money and awareness for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Potomac Wiffleball League - PWL is the wiffleball juggernaut of the Atlantic coast with 20-teams playing not one but TWO seasons of ball every year in beautiful Washington D.C. 

Golden Stick Wiffleball - This is a multi-regional effort that stretches from New York to California. This organization plays fast-pitch wiffleball, emphasis on the fast because some of these guys can hurl the ball 100 mph.

Palisades WBL - This New York league has been gaining a steady following from around the world. They've been taking the game to new heights with their phenomenal This Month In Wiffleball program.

Central Ohio Wiffleball League - Located in Chillicothe, Ohio this league has been turning heads for quite some time with their "wide open" fields that they play on under the lights.

London Wiffleball Tournament - Perhaps the most adored tournament in the Midwest (London, OH). It's the largest slow-pitch wiffleball tournament in the world.

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